In 2014, we decided to come together to pursue our passion for learning about technology and exploring the industry. After five years working together, we decided to “infect” others with our passion.We persuaded our friends to take trips with us and that’s how “Zrobotyzowani” was established in August 2019.

Our common passion is technology in its broadest meaning. We are interested in its history, might As we all know, all branches of technology are somehow interconnected. However, only when we get deeper into production processes and their maintenance we are able to notice that it is only apparent. Despite many common features, each branch is different and unique in its own way.

And that is what we want to show you. We want to show you how raw materials are mined, how ore is smelted, how steelworks work and why health and safety is so important.

Our team


Paulina Kozłowska


Co-founder, econometrician analyst, rail and intermodal transport expert, traveller

Karol Lubaczewski


Co-founder, professionally related to the IT industry, mechatronics engineer, enthusiast of new and forgotten technologies

Marcin Kozoń


Professionally and passionately connected with the public transport, logistician, technologist and transport coordinator, Warsaw is his second passion

Maciej Kacprzak


Rail enthusiast, programmer and an irreplaceable fare systems expert , photographer

Adrian Kulik


Specialist in passenger information systems in public transport, rail enthusiast, photographer

Our events

In 2021, we organised train trips for photographers on narrow-gauge railways, forming historical trainsets that have no longer been operating on railway networks in Poland or even Europe for many years.

Over the coming years, we plan to organise many other events, including tours of the industrial plants and mine galleries.

Science is like an immeasurable sea. The more you drink of it, the thirstier you become.

Stefan Żeromski